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Partnering with SingleMind begins with an assessment of your need, objectives and ideal outcome. We then use those as the guiding principles for our engagement together. From assessment, through interactive design, visual design and finally implementation, we’ll manage the project using our proven management methodology. However, if you have your own process, or prefer a specific management practice or methodology, we will work with you to implement the changes needed for our team to suit your environment.

For the 10+ years that SingleMind has been in business, we have constantly worked to develop and evolve a process which maximizes our ability to not only succeed, but to thrive. A large (and critical) part of this process is to always provide consistent and timely communication regarding the status and health of your project, which allows us to remain flexible and make necessary changes on an as-needed basis without sacrificing what's likely most important to you: your budget, timeline, and the quality of the final product.

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