Dental Device Company
A leader in dental device equipment manufacturing, partnered with Singlemind to streamline their service processes. The result? A software solution providing real-time equipment insights, transforming service delivery into a proactive, efficient, and customer-centric model.
ecommerce webpage for Powell's book store featuring the great gatsby book
Powell's Books
Powell’s City of Books is more than just a bookstore; it's a literary landmark. Occupying an entire city block in downtown Portland’s Pearl District, it is the largest used and new bookstore in the world. 
The onset of the pandemic and the ensuing digital revolution posed an unprecedented challenge to Powell's. Their web platform, a relic of an earlier era, was buckling under the weight of outdated technology and accumulated technical debt. The need for a digital transformation was not just a strategic move, but a survival imperative.
In the realm of music and technology, LifeScore stands as a testament to innovation and creativity. Our journey together, which began in 2016, is a symphony of success, composed of unique melodies and harmonies that resonate with the rhythm of their growth and evolution.
Sagebrush Cycles and Skjersaa's logos
Sagebrush Cycles & Skjersaa's Ski Shop
An entrepreneur in Bend, Oregon approached us to help grow two of his businesses: Sagebrush Cycles and Skjersaa's Ski Shop. After analyzing the companies and their customers, we developed a plan to strengthen their brands, improve the customer experience, and build community. 
KP Scholar
The team at Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences (KPSAHS) approached Singlemind in need of a Learning Management System (LMS) that could provide medical training for their staff. We began our engagement by building KPSAHS a web application that could facilitate course enrollment, course activities, and would generate certificates upon course completion.
An image depicting the homepage of the KPScholar website
final strike game website on a computer
Final Strike Games
To accompany the launch of their upcoming video game release, Rocket Arena, Final Strike Games approached Singlemind in need of a responsive website that could visualize their story. Although the Rocket Arena game release was quickly approaching, our team designed and built the Final Strike Games website in just six weeks. Highlights of the Final Strike Games website include a captivating home screen video, the single page layout, and fun animations upon hovering over team member portraits.
OTTO DesignWorks
Imagine a mobile application that provides any cyclist, from beginner to expert, with an easy way to achieve the perfect bicycle tune in less than 5 minutes. The OTTO Tuning System app achieves just that. Pair this with an eCommerce website that sells the OTTO Tuning System and other OTTO DesignWorks products (such as OTTOLOCK), and you have a cohesive shopping and tuning experience for cycling enthusiasts everywhere.
A picture of a phone running the OTTO tuning app in iOS
caller dashboard software on computer
Caller Dashboard
Tangor Guild approached Singlemind looking to create a platform that could consolidate all of a user’s digital communications into one dashboard. Utilizing the Intel® Common Connectivity Framework (CCF), we built the Caller Dashboard mobile and web applications to aggregate all information from a user’s mobile device, call logs, emails, text messages, and social networks into one singular feed. In under 6 months, we successfully completed the builds of the Caller Dashboard cross-device platform and launched the apps to the public.
Smart Doorbell
With the mission to produce an open-source platform for the programming community, we set out to build a new facial recognition programming kit that could be applied across a range of security technologies. Landing on a mobile application accompanied by a video doorbell prototype, we created the Smart Doorbell kit to deliver autonomous, real-time notifications upon detection of facial features and package logos. In essence, the Smart Doorbell kit serves as an adjustable platform for expanding facial recognition photo telemetry software.
A picture of a mobile phone using the Smart Doorbell iOS app
Grafo software example on computer and iphone
The great folks at Capsenta enlisted Singlemind’s expertise to create a product that would simplify the creation of ontologies; an expression of data relationships laid out in visual format. Grafo is a one-of-a-kind, collaborative cloud-based data visualization platform for intuitively creating Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKG) in real-time. From product ideation to branding on through to implementation, we took less than one year to produce the Grafo platform and release it to market.
Permit Book
Seeking to ease the long-haul truck driver compliance documentation handoff process, Glostone Trucking Solutions came to Singlemind with an idea for a digital solution to streamline their day-to-day operations. With interest in an account-based hybrid mobile application, the Glostone team knew they needed a service that could provide instant updates to each driver’s account. Landing on a document management website, Glostone recruited our full line-up of services to build and the Permit Book iOS and Android mobile apps.
A picture of two mobile phones using the Permit Book iOS app
The ORA Cosmetics app for iOS
ORA Cosmetics
Serial entrepreneurs Ahmad and Nouf Hasawi came to Singlemind with an idea for an eCommerce mobile application that would allow their customers to not only purchase cosmetics but, also, to book and pay for appointments from their Saudi Arabian salon, ORA Cosmetics. To streamline the ORA Cosmetics mobile application inventory management processes, we built an accompanied backend administrative website for the ORA Cosmetics staff.