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What are the differences between Support & Maintenance?

What is Software Support? What is Software Maintenance? While these two terms are often viewed as one and the same, the difference between support and maintenance can be broken down by the urgency in their approaches. While software support is defined as fixing broken software (or “bugs”) with reactive development, software maintenance is defined as proactive development in adding additional features or triaging low priority “bugs” that don’t deteriorate the software design and user experience.

What are the different types of Maintenance?

Software maintenance can be broken down into four main categories:


Corrective Maintenance

Often referred to as “bug” maintenance, corrective maintenance can be defined as correcting user reported errors in source code. This is the most urgent type of software maintenance, but, unlike support, focuses on low priority “bugs” and is commonly regarded as triaging enhancement requests rather than fixing defects.


Preventive Maintenance

As its name suggests, preventive maintenance is the practices of taking preventive measures to ensure software continues running as it should. Preventive maintenance focuses on decreasing the likelihood of unanticipated effects of evolving operating systems and devices which the software runs on.


Perfective Maintenance

Focused on iteration, perfective maintenance is defined as engineering after delivery in order to elevate the functionality and/or performance of the software. Spurred by user feedback, perfective maintenance accounts for the implementation of new features based on user submissions.


Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive maintenance is characterized by the need to alter code in one part of software due to external problems in another part of the system. Adaptive maintenance is required when issues are caused by changes to the operating system, software dependencies, hardware, or business policies of a product, thus requiring changes to the codebase.

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