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A revolutionary platform for collaboratively visualizing data

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Wayne Heideman (CEO) and Juan Sequeda (Senior Director) were the creative minds behind the idea for Grafo, and have been long-time partners of Singlemind. In May of 2017, they reached out to Singlemind with an idea to develop a product that would simplify the creation of ontologies; an expression of data and data relationships laid out in a visual format — which makes large amounts of data easier to understand and navigate. Their idea became the Grafo platform.

Grafo is a unique app, intended for creating Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKGs) in a collaborative environment. It allows users to visually build, share, and navigate ontologies with other users, all shared in real-time.

Image of the Gra.fo website on a laptop, sitting on a desk

Grafo is a way to expose data and make it relatable. It is a product for those interested in big data, such as academics and business professionals with a background in semantic web technologies (a web where computers interlink data as they understand the meaning behind the text on a web page – quickly giving users access to accurate information). It is a product that helps users find patterns and relate data to discover new and improved, liquid information. Information that allows them to make better, more informed decisions. Data must be organized and expressed in a visually sensible way to be useful — Grafo provides its users with the ability to do just that.

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We provided our full line-up of services for Grafo, including: Product Research, Product Strategy, Branding, UX Design, Custom Website Development, Web Application Development, Hosting, and Software Support.

In addition to the web back-end, the data.world team asked us to spearhead the marketing website and the branding of the platform. With all of these moving parts working together, Singlemind was extremely pleased with how Grafo evolved from a concept to a living, breathing product.

The entire scope of the Grafo project took less than one year to produce. While Singlemind is transferring support work back to an in-house development team, our relationship with data.world hasn’t ended. We continue to work with the data.world team to develop and design exciting updates — including the ability to to connect to a remote database!

An image showing the Gra.fo website
“The software we envisioned did not exist and Singlemind pushed the envelope on what was possible. The universal response of our users has been extraordinary because we built a product that is one of a kind. This would have not been possible without Singlemind… The software we built is one of a kind. We had envisioned this in our minds for a while. We told them what we wanted to do. We were skeptic if it was even possible with the current technology. They made it happen. Today, I sometimes can’t even believe what we have accomplished.”
Juan Sequeda
Senior Director, data.world