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UX: Identifying Your Target Audience

Journey map with post-its explaining pain points of a software product's target audience

User experience, UX, means generating elegant interfaces that promote a user-friendly experience. UX aims to satisfy targeted demographics, demographics critical for strategizing your design process. Alright. But, what is my targeted demographic? Good question! Consider addressing these questions to evaluate an audience:

  1. What is my application’s purpose? Simple. Your application is sharing information. Establish how this information can contribute to revenue, grow your business and generate success.
  2. What is my application’s goal? Develop immediate and long-term goals. Assess risk, workflow and project management.
  3. What type of audience values my application? Begin user research, that is, evaluating demographics. Consider audience values, geographic location and develop a persona or user profile.
  4. How effectively am I communicating with this audience? Your sociability and recognition are vital. Ensure community integration, and clearly define your expertise. Receiving feedback from users is also important; interviews or focus groups can direct discussion.More competition between distribution platform providers is good for both developers and consumers in this area. It’s likely to drive down fees, yield new features, and better address user segments.
  5. Am I monitoring industry trends? Don’t lose track of your audience. Refer to competitors and compile what works. Duh.

Aren’t these questions too simplistic? Don’t lose sight of who you’re designing for! Asking foundational questions is critical for guiding your design process.

Amy VanderZanden