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Singlemind Ranked as Top Performing B2B Company in California

A logo banner which reads "Clutch: Firms That Deliver"

At Singlemind, we pride ourselves on having a singular goal for our company; to provide our clients with our best work, every time. To achieve this goal, we have brought together a dedicated and diverse team. While this may seem contrary to our name, our team’s multidisciplinary approach to our client’s work actually allows us to gain new insights, while making sure we keep our singular mission in mind. We know the future of business is going to be heavily reliant on mobile applications, and we understand the importance of the work we do for our clients. Clutch has recently released rankings featuring the top Business to Business (B2B) firms in the U.S States A-L, we are proud to be included as a top company in California, and under the Developers category!  

Clutch is an established B2B ratings and reviews company headquartered in Washington D.C. Clutch differentiates itself from its competitors by performing an incredibly in-depth review process before they release the rating of the company on the site. The analysts at Clutch perform market research, analyze this data, and most importantly, perform interviews with clients from the company. These interviews are exactly what sets Clutch apart from its competitors and is a major reason as to why we are so happy Clutch has selected us as one of the top developers in California. Currently, our profile has 4.8 stars out of 5.0 possible stars, and we have over 10 client reviews on our profile! We are incredibly proud of what our clients have said about our business:

“Singlemind continues to exceed any measurable metric we give them.​”

“It doesn’t get better than being on schedule and within budget.”

Our positive reviews have also led to our presence on Clutch’s affiliate site, The Manifest. The Manifest features a company’s size, location, and services provided, all at a quick glance, and has ranked as one of the top software developers. We invite you to check us out! 

Singlemind is incredibly honored and humbled by our ranking on Clutch. However, knowing Clutch’s intense process, we know that we would not be here without our clients and we thank them for taking the time to be interviewed by Clutch. We look forward to providing our clients with the best possible service and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with Clutch in order to do so! In the meantime, feel free to drop us a line or swing by our office to get more info.

Singlemind is proud to also be listed as a Top App Developer in San Francisco by DesignRush.

Cort Buchholz