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How to Source (and Retain) Clients Amid COVID-19

How to Source (and Retain) Clients Amid COVID-19

Landing new clients amid the coronavirus may not sound easy, but the truth is that now is an excellent time to grow your business. Clients can and do benefit from the services or products you offer right now. Here’s how to source clients and retain them despite the ever-changing economic situation.

Pivot Your Product or Service
Pivot, Friends Meme

The coronavirus has taught us that being flexible is essential, so whenever possible, try to look at your brand with a fresh perspective:

Get Help If You Need It

Not every small business has the resources to survive a pandemic without support — but there are ways to get help when you need it.

Cut Costs
Equip Your Office (and Personnel) Appropriately

Setting up a home office might become a necessity, as will managing a remote team.

Home office, stock photo

While the economy continues to struggle, there are plenty of small businesses that are making things work — the common denominator is their motivation to succeed. And with a positive mindset, a strong team, and the right equipment, your business can survive and even thrive during the shutdown, as well.

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