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Singlemind Review Partners

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Since 2005, Singlemind has been partnering with clients to design and develop digital products. We are driven by a passion to continuously grow and strive to offer our expertise and get products to launch. In order to reflect on our work and showcase our accomplishments, we’ve partnered with review sites like Clutch, G2, and DesignRush to give our clients the opportunity to speak to their experiences working with Singlemind.

Here are some of the things our clients have had to say about our work:

“Today’s business users. They expect a great UX killer design and to get the information that they need. And so that’s why we went, went looking for Singlemind and looked to partner with them to improve the user experience of our products.”
CEO, Evosus

“Singlemind was involved in all aspects of the design process. They helped us develop a strategy to achieve our end goal and devised a plan for how we could bring our vision to fruition and meet our go-to-market deliverables.”
VP of Product, Matthews

“Singlemind’s performance is exemplary. The lines of communication are always clear, and they are extremely responsive. No one has ever turned around and said they couldn’t do something. They always come back with a solution, cost, schedule, and clear breakdown of the work involved. All I need is transparency and clarity about information and deadlines, and they’ve hit everything.”
CEO, Positive Acorn

“Partnering with Singlemind was absolutely the right decision for our team. The ability to have an end-to-end team with Singlemind, from idea to design, to development, to full execution, to bring it to life. What’s better than that, right?”
CEO, Evosus

Some of our trusted third-party review partners include:

Clutch is B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC, dedicated to harboring fruitful business relationships between the buyers and sellers on their site. Their directories encompass over 7,000 firms across 500+ industry categories, ranging from UX designers to call center services.

G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace. More than 60 million people annually—including employees at all Fortune 500 companies—use G2 to make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews.

DesignRush helps brands choose the right agency, able to adapt to their brand, understand their goals, and effectively work as a team with them. Clients need to find an agency that they can trust and is proven to provide a strong return on investment in the form of long-term business growth.

Agency Spotter
For every business, finding marketing agencies takes significant time and is full of risk. Agency Spotter’s aim is to help change that. Their digital platform makes it much faster and free to find great agencies and design firms that fit the needs of brands and provides more information to help them make confident decisions.

It is important to everyone at Singlemind that we establish open, transparent, long-lasting partnerships with our customers. By working with the companies listed above, we believe our customers come to us with a more informed perspective of how Singlemind stands out from our competitors.

Meagan Ootton