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One of the most important parts of the design process is properly identifying the targeted demographic(s). Targets can be anything from a specific culture or particular age group, to something as simple as a lifestyle or specific interest. It is critical that the designer understands the needs and motivations of the audience they are working to satisfy. Also critical to success is the ability for designers to respect the relationship between the website and its content. A blog, for example, should have a structure and design that makes large quantities of text easier to read, while an eCommerce or social-media site relies more on consistent organization and grid-based displays. Lastly, it is important to understand the company being represented by the website, as the design will become an extension of their image or reputation, and needs to do them justice.

It's one thing to read about and agree with great design processes and best-practices; it's quite another to consistently deliver on these expectations. That's why, over the last several years, SingleMind has developed a professional partner network that allows us access to the most creative, seasoned, and all-around brilliant user experience and visual designers that Portland and the greater Northwest have to offer. What's the end result? A professional, top-notch experience that is true to your company's vision, made by the most talented team of designers and developers you've ever worked with!

User Experience; less is more

Optimizing the user experience for a website or mobile app is all about understanding the structure, organization, and depth of the content. Our team will scrutinize your existing product or idea until it becomes second nature. Our ultimate goal is to allow a first-time user to have an intuitive and satisfying experience, naturally understanding how to use the site or app, all without burdening or lessening the experience for frequent users that need less instruction.

SingleMind's process for defining or improving a user's experience is built upon our collective decades of experience in the industry. Whether you're looking to simplify a multi-step process (e.g. registration or product checkout), promote hidden or hard-to-find content, or completely rethink the user experience on your website, look no further.

Our team can help you improve the design or user experience of your website or mobile app. Here's how:

  • Our professional partner network gives us access to the most talented designers in the greater Northwest
  • We're passionate about building elegant experiences that are easy to use
  • Our proven process ensures that we will finish your project on time, and more importantly, on budget

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