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As consumers in today’s rapidly evolving technological era, we’ve become accustomed to instant gratification. Our customers are looking to receive the information they want, when they want it. But what if your customer has a question after business hours or while your team members are busy? In the past, an email or contact form would suffice, but we can now offer our customers more.

Artificial Intelligence is streamlining marketing, sales, and customer support. With recent developments in machine learning and natural language processing (the same technologies that brought us digital assistants), unrefined AI bots are a thing of the past as intelligent, personalized conversational user interfaces - AI-to-human communications - have become a reality. Acting as a personal assistant for your website, chatbots allow your business to actively communicate with your website visitors in real time. While offering your visitors the instant customer support they desire, chatbots also allow businesses to automate marketing and admin efforts, which free up human agents for higher touch interactions and cut down on operating costs. From pre-qualifying leads to managing calendar appointments to 24/7 customer support and more, chatbots keep your customers in contact with your company and ease your marketing and sales operations along the way.

Our team builds customized chatbots that help develop business identities. Here’s how:

  • SingleMind has partnered with the good people at OneReach logo design to leverage their Communication Studio 2.0 as the implementation platform for your chatbot
  • We create chatbot personalities that engage users and tell brand stories
  • We design inviting conversational interfaces that welcome interaction
  • We craft rich conversational scripts based on user data
  • We integrate chatbots with your existing systems

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