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The Kaiser School of Allied Health Sciences (KPSAHS) is a long-time client of SingleMind, and is focused on enriching its employees work experiences by providing education and training that helps them to be more effective. They were tired of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on licensing for some of the more restrictive enterprise LMS (learning management system) providers, so a plan was hatched to build something better, using nothing but Open Source platforms.

The site leverages Drupal 7 for its front-end, allowing its users to purchase online courses. Once purchased, the (logged in) user can hop into the protected LMS site, which is built on Moodle 2. A simple — but effective — integration ensures that purchased courses result in the user being automatically enrolled into the course, and the sites take advantage of SSO (single sign on) so that once users have authenticated into Drupal, they can reach Moodle simply by clicking a link in their user dashboard.

More changes are expected to come to the site very soon, so stay tuned!

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KPScholar Homepage Website Design

KPScholar Courses Page - Website Design

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