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The great folks at Capsenta enlisted SingleMind’s research, branding, design, and development expertise to create a product that would simplify the creation of ontologies; an expression of data and data relationships laid out in a visual format that makes large amounts of data easier to understand and navigate. Grafo is a unique platform for intuitively creating Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKG) in a collaborative environment. The Grafo application does not only allow users to visually build, share, and navigate ontologies but also to collaborate with other users in real-time.

Grafo is a way to expose data and make it relatable. It is a product for those interested in big data, such as academics and business professionals with a background in semantic web technologies (a web where computers interlink data as they understand the meaning behind the text on a web page – quickly giving users access to accurate information). It is a product that helps users find patterns and relate data to discover new and improved, liquid information. Information that allows them to make better, more informed decisions. Big data must be organized to be useful and Grafo helps users accomplish just that.

From product concept to design through to implementation, SingleMind took less than a year to produce the Grafo platform. Not only did we build this next generation of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKG), but we also spearheaded the branding of the product in addition to designing and developing the Grafo website as well. Catch a glimpse of our work now at

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