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Operating in unison, multidisciplinary teams work closely with clients to define solutions for product needs. With the combined objective of transforming ideas into user journeys, data and innovation strategically lead our teams from research to implementation to product launch and beyond. This collaboration results in symbiotic product features, intuitive user flow and functional code unique to your product.

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Who we work with.

Innovate your industry

Merging our expertise in data, design, technology, and strategy, we elevate the digital presence and products of businesses around the globe. By combining design thinking and imaginative development, we build fast, dynamic, and easy to manage software that provides engaging and memorable experiences for the end user.

Whether you’re seeking design and development in SaaS, DaaS, real-time collaboration, roles and permissions, automation, or more, we construct B2B platforms that streamline operations and advance business growth. https://www.singlemindconsulting.com/b2b-software/

Building consumer and commercial financial platforms present unique challenges and considerations. We understand the pain points of those in financial services seeking to transform their digital presence. Focusing on security first, we build financial software that empowers users while employing solutions that help actively engage your business with your customers. 

Bridging the gap between consumers and healthcare professionals, we immerse ourselves in your industry to build solutions that both improve health outcomes and drive business. Your company needs in conjunction with regulatory standards inform your product features, while human-centered design and development guide your user flow and ensure accuracy in treatment.

Build a journey for your customers that both captivates their interest and connects them to your brand. From mobile applications and E-commerce to IoT and beyond, we craft digital products that integrate your company into your customers’ day-to-day lives and accelerate business growth through intuitive touchpoints.

Are you in need of a platform that simplifies content production, analyzes campaign metrics, automates outreach efforts, or places your clients in front of their customers? Our team employs the expertise to consolidate, compose, and optimize the marketing technologies you need. 

Our featured work.

Permit Book

Streamlining freight travel

Seeking to ease the long-haul truck driver compliance documentation handoff process, Glostone Trucking Solutions came to SingleMind with an idea for a digital solution which would streamline their day-to-day operations. With interest in an account-based hybrid mobile application, the Glostone team knew they needed a service that could provide instant updates to each driver’s account. Landing on a document management website, Glostone recruited our full line-up of services (including Product Research, Product Strategy, UX Design, Mobile App Development, Custom Website Development, and Software Support) to build Permitbook.com and the PermitBook iOS and Android mobile apps.



Collaboratively visualize data in real-time

The great folks Capsenta enlisted SingleMind’s Product Research, Branding, UX Design, Web App Development, and Website Development expertise to create a product that would simplify the creation of ontologies; an expression of data and data relationships laid out in a visual format that makes large amounts of data easier to understand and navigate. Grafo is a unique platform for intuitively creating Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKG) in a collaborative environment. The Grafo application does not only allow users to visually build, share, and navigate ontologies but also to collaborate with other users in real-time.


Smart Doorbell

Open-source facial recognition prototype

With the mission to produce an open-source platform to be leveraged by the programming community, we set out to build a new facial recognition programming kit that could be applied across a range of security technologies. Landing on a mobile application accompanied by a video doorbell prototype, we created the Smart Doorbell kit to deliver autonomous real-time notifications upon detection of facial features and package logos. In essence, the “Smart Doorbell” kit serves as an adjustable platform for expanding facial recognition photo telemetry software.