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Communicating brand value through memorable digital products

At SingleMind, our mission is to help prospective and revitalized software companies disrupt their marketplaces with ingenuity. As a full-service B2B software development team, we understand business processes, employee touchpoints, KPIs, and the importance of efficiency and user-friendly design in scaling digital business. With years of experience, a toolkit of product strategies, and thoughtful consideration to your product goals, we overcome project obstacles and turn them into innovative solutions. Highly focused on serverless architecture and cloud computing, we find ways to get the most from your data and technologies at minimal cost.

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Tangor Guild sought to create a cross-device platform that seamlessly connects all business’ communications into one central dashboard.

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Capsenta, a rapidly growing semantic web technologies company, needed a web application to match their vision of visual data relationships.

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Businesses are shifting their operations from legacy systems to the cloud more swiftly than ever. In fact, the majority of companies are already running the entirety of their business off of the cloud. Not only can Software as a Service (SaaS) products be accessed anywhere, but they facilitate easy integrations, cut costs, and streamline updates and maintenance. Offering SaaS with a strong value proposition enhances customer experience and presents easily scalable growth potential for your business.


Every business needs sales and marketing solutions. With the growth of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s easier than ever to elevate how humans market to one another. Marketing automation is the new standard. Making companies run more efficiently and effectively is the goal. Whether you are looking to build software for inbound marketing, outbound marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), content optimization, or lead management, we build B2B Marketing software that helps companies increase the ROI of their marketing efforts.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

With improvements in computer logic, the majority of admin tasks no longer require manual human interactions. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can be built to facilitate any internal processes for B2B companies from small and midsized businesses (SMBs) to enterprises. These business software solutions manage product planning, inventory management, accounting, resourcing, documentation procurement, human resources and more to streamline back-office operations and aggregate company data into one integrated platform.

The software we envisioned did not exist and SingleMind pushed the envelope on what was possible. The universal response of our users has been extraordinary because we built a product that is one of a kind. This would have not been possible without SingleMind… The software we built is one of a kind. We had envisioned this in our minds for a while. We told them what we wanted to do. We were skeptic if it was even possible with the current technology. They made it happen. Today, I sometimes can’t even believe what we have accomplished.

SingleMind client testimonial for Product Research, Product Strategy, Branding, UX Design, Website Development, Web Application Development, and Software Support

Juan Sequeda
Co-Founder & Senior Director, Capsenta